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Alex Knight

Business consultant, strategic coach and author with over thirty years of experience working with CEO's and leaders from around the world

Alex leads QFI. He has worked around the world alongside many great leaders in for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. He also has extensive experience in supporting health and social care systems and government. His consulting, lecturing and coaching work has shown him first hand, the joys and struggles people face in their endeavours to improve their businesses. Alex's first book, Pride and Joy, describes through an entertaining novel, how to apply the Theory of Constraints in healthcare. The book has so far been translated into Japanese and French Canadian.

Alex's work is guided by the scientific approach and the principles underpinning the Theory of Constraints (TOC); a belief that inherent simplicity exists: in any goal-oriented system there are only a few places that have the power to affect the performance of the whole system - the system's constraint(s).

Alex was fortunate to be mentored by Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the inventor of the Theory of Constraints. Their friendship lasted almost three decades and included a period when Alex was the first Chief Executive of Goldratt Consulting Ltd, where he helped to steer the organization through its formative years. Alex is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on TOC. He led the introduction of the first ever Masters in the Theory of Constraints at Nottingham and Trent Business School. He has also been a Chair and board member of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) and the Goldratt Foundation. He was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award by TOCICO in 2018.

Prior to his role in in Goldratt Consulting, Alex was managing director of Ashridge Consulting, which was part of the Ashridge business school, and was a board member of the business school. While at Ashridge, Alex taught on many strategic and operational programmes and consulted at a strategic level to wide ranging organizations. During his time at Ashridge Alex investigated many different consulting approaches and advocates a few that he believes help people to see the world anew. 

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"What should the health system prepare for after this pandemic? What is necessary to do so?

Whatever circumstances we are in, a management theory which that on patient flow to create more bed capacity, improve quality of care and the finances simultaneously, can greatly contribute to the system and bring pride and joy to all of us involved.

Dr. Toru Nishi

Director, Sakura-jyuji Yatsushiro Rehabilitation Hospital

Pride and Joy available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle

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