Achieving a breakthrough in health and social care

Providing a full solution based on the Alex Knight's book 'Pride and Joy' to deliver a breakthrough in the quality, safety and timeliness of care alongside financial transformation of health and social care systems around the world.


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Achieving a breakthrough in the quality, safety and timeliness of care

The Pride and Joy software enables a breakthrough across a whole health and social care system by:

  • Improved patient flow leading to better quality of care, less safety issues and better access without requiring more resources.

  • High levels of clinical engagement and support to focused improvement efforts that deliver system wide and measurable performance benefits in a rapid timescale.

  • The ability to reduce backlogs and waiting lists without requiring extra resources or the targeted application of additional resources on key bottlenecks/constraints.

  • Improved staff morale with less frustration as long running system blockages are systematically resolved.


The core of the approach

Theory of Constraints in health and social care

  • Providing an innovative and effective system wide synchronization process that ensures all resources are correctly synchronized to maximise patient flow through the health and social care system based on a patient-centered and clinically led ‘planned discharge date’.

  • Identifying those key resources that are most often causing the most disruption and delay to the most patients and focusing improvement efforts to resolve these system wide bottlenecks or constraints in a short timescale.

  • Through cause- and effect-based analysis, establishing the capacity needed at each resource by time of day and day of the week to ensure patient flow is maintained during periods of changing demand and patient mix.

  • Analyzing the impact of sudden changes in demand or mix on the health and social care system and how best to respond in times of emergency or crisis.