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Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) acquires QFI Consulting Ltd. 
With the acquisition, NHG enforces its internationalization strategy and expands its operations and office network to the UK – NHG has further offices in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden

“Bringing the Pride and Joy approach to the Nordics is part of NHG’s mission to share global best practices to improve health and social care in the Nordic countries and beyond,” NHG’s Senior Partner, Dr. Johan Groop

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Our Pride and Joy journey has taken our hospital that was facing a crisis of demand exceeding capacity to an efficient, patient centered system matching care to demand.

‘Pride and Joy’ taught us to challenge assumptions and change behavior to deliver breakthrough results.

The principles have applications for effective, safe and quality focused system wide management in healthcare.

Dallas Earnshaw, Superintendent Utah State Hospital

Madhu Gundalapalli, Medical Director Utah State Hospital

Alex Knight's book 'Pride and Joy' is a must-read for all politicians and government involved in managing and improving healthcare. We have followed this approach and got great results.

Kristen Cox, Executive Director of Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget

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About QFI

Innovation and Insight supported by digital transformation

We specialize in developing, creating and implementing solutions to organizational problems based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodology. This ability comes from a close relationship over nearly three decades with its inventor, Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt until his passing in 2011. We also work in close partnership with his organization, Goldratt Consulting. 

We use our TOC expertise to support organizations in business innovation, strategy development and implementation and improving operational performance.

We are well known for our work in health and social care where we work with our global partners to implement our TOC-based solution. The approach was developed by our Founding Partner, Alex Knight, and is explained in his business novel, Pride and Joy

A treasured picture of a young Alex Knight and Eli Goldratt

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This is a stunning example of how a theory from management can be applied in a health care context.

Alex brings his years of experience, his passion for his work with the Theory of Constraints, and his depth of knowledge to help improve how health care is delivered.

The book delivers a critical
application to a practical approach from which anyone working in health care would benefit.

Dr. Leslie Breitner, Academic Director, International Masters for Health Leadership, McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management, Montreal.

We had a two-day meeting with Alex and at some point in the second day I realised this must be the solution. It was quite a different view of how to manage an outpatient clinic. It was a paradigm shift because it is a completely different way of working.

Frank van den Hoogen,

Lead Consultant Rheumatology,

St Maartenskliniek, The Netherlands

We wanted to create a breakthrough strategy and decided to use the Theory of Constraints as the basis of this work. Writing a new strategy using a new method is a daunting prospect but Alex supported us through it to give us something that is right for us and that has been easily and quickly adopted by our thousands of workers and supporters.

Belinda Phipps,

(formerly) Chief Executive, National Childbirth Trust

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