Robin Patterson

Software Developer, BA (Hons), MSc

Robin is a software developer within QFI. Robin has worked in the IT industry for fifteen years in software development roles. Working mainly in the financial sector, Robin has experience of a wide variety of successful IT projects ranging from the small tactical solutions to strategic enterprise ones.

With broad experience in all areas of the software development cycle, Robin has mainly focused on Microsoft technologies and became a Microsoft Certified Professional in 2003.

Robin joined QFI in early 2006 and has become fascinated with the Theory of Constraints and now co-develops and maintains the current Microsoft based QFI-Jonah software. During his time at QFI he has worked with various Trusts throughout the UK and abroad in USA and Holland.

More recent projects have been centred on the integration of Jonah software with a hospital's existing operational IT systems. Robin enjoys taking a client-facing role and hopes to continue enjoying the best of both worlds in the future.