Prabhakar Mahadevan

Associate, MEng

Prabhakar has over twenty years of business consulting experience and more than seventeen years using the Theory of Constraint (TOC). He is certified by Goldratt Schools, Israel, as a Theory of Constraints expert and is a certified global expert on TOC by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organisation (TOCICO).

Mentored by Dr Eliyahu M.Goldratt, the inventor of the Theory of Constraints, since 2004 through to 2011, Prabhakar has been instrumental in spreading awareness of TOC in India over the last decade. He was Country Director (India) for Goldratt Consulting where he was involved in several comprehensive TOC projects in India across several industry verticals such as: fast-moving consumer goods, consumer durables, automotive, pharmaceutical, heavy engineering, process-based companies and retail companies. Prior to this, Prabhakar was associated with the IT industry for more than ten years.

Prabhakar is an Associate of QFI and a Partner at Strategy and Systems Consulting, India. He is involved in applying TOC principles across several industrial sectors in India, including the service sector. Prabhakar has published several articles and has delivered numerous lectures on the topic of TOC.