Phil Snelgrove

Associate, MSc

Phil Snelgrove has been a Theory of Constraints (TOC) Implementer and professional since 2003. He has been working with Goldratt UK for over ten years and has been working alongside and been associated with QFI periodically for nine of those years. With QFI he has worked in the heath, insurance and finance services. 

Phil’s TOC expertise has resulted in him working with clients to improve entire supply chains (procurement/development/operations/sales/distribution) or focusing on specific parts thereof. His major objectives are systematic and quantifiable improvement and ultimately self-sustainability for his clients. 

Phil is a fully accredited TOC expert and holds a Masters in Engineering from Durham University. Prior to working with Goldratt UK, he was an engineer in a multi-national industrial tool manufacturer. He is a people person and thoroughly enjoys working with teams to achieve common goals and objectives.