Martin Powell

Associate, FCA


Martin commenced working with Goldratt in 1994 and has since successfully implemented the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in a wide variety of organisations. Martin supports Goldratt Consulting global and works closely with the team of Goldratt UK consultants and leading major implementations of TOC across Europe. Martin's role is to work together with organisations to customize their strategy and tactics, transfer the knowledge and coach people to make the desired growth possible. He focuses primarily on these core areas: operations, project management, supply chain, finance and measures, distribution, managing people, sales and marketing and strategy.

Martin was, for several years a Principal with Goldratt Schools, providing management education and support on a global basis, having visited over thirty countries during his Goldratt journey.

Martin's extensive widespread experience has resulted in the development of expertise particularly in managing large-scale change programmes, IT and systems, process management and providing consultancy services. He has led a number of projects to implement Critical Chain project management in both large and small organisations, some in the UK and some with a global reach. He has supported supply chain assignments including clients in Venezuela in manufacturing and retail and also supported healthcare projects in three Venezuelan private hospitals.