Kevin Fox

Associate (USA)

Kevin's passion is assisting leaders in finding and capitalising on the underlying simplicity obscured by the apparent complexity of managing organisations. This passion was ignited thirty years ago and fostered by his years of close association with Dr Eli Goldratt and Robert Fox in the Theory of Constraints (TOC). 

As a consultant Kevin has helped leaders across a wide array of manufacturing industries and service sectors, including government and healthcare, utilising TOC principles, to create dramatic improvements in performance.  Among his most visible successes are:

Kevin understands that sustainable change must be directed and led by the organisation’s management. As a result, his role as a consultant is to help leaders identify the root causes of their problems and develop solutions that enable them to generate rapid, large and lasting improvement. TOC’s logical thinking tools and robust applications are uniquely suited to facilitating such transformations and have been central to Kevin’s success in helping organisations.

Kevin is the author of 'Aligned & Engaged: Hidden Keys for Turning Teamwork to Profit', a collection of some of the most powerful practices he has learned over the past thirty years and one of the most accessible books for leaders seeking to develop their ability to achieve rapid improvement in their organisation. Kevin is a frequent speaker at professional societies and recognised as a leader in the TOC community. He is a graduate of Yale University and resides in VA.