Helen Gibb

Founding Partner, BSc (Hons), MSc (TOC)

Helen is a founding partner of QFI. She has been involved in the Theory of Constraints (TOC) for over two decades and has been involved in much of the thinking in its development into QFI and new environments. Helen's focus has been on building the elements to make the solutions sustainable and scalable. This included an eighteen-month period working with Alex Knight on the writing and production of the business novel, Pride and Joy. 

Helen has a Masters degree in TOC (distinction) and is a certified TOC practitioner in operations management, project management and the TOC Thinking Processes.

Helen’s passion is in applying the scientific approach, TOC underpinning principles, the applications and thinking processes to release hidden potential. This includes creating new market and sales offers, coaching and training staff in their journey of learning and applying TOC, and directing and managing new ideas to successful completion. 

Helen has recently formalised how the scientific approach and four pillars of TOC can come together as an underpinning mode of operation and process for delivering rapid, reliable and sustainable results.