Daniel Baker

Associate, BEng (Hons)

Daniel is an associate within QFI.  A graduate honours engineer, Daniel’s career began in the aerospace and defence industry as a specialist in manufacturing systems. With several years of hands-on experience in high level manufacturing processes, he took over senior operations management roles.  He was responsible for introducing manufacturing, logistics and project management processes based on Theory of Constraints (TOC) applications which had a major impact on the company’s bottom line.  As a result of this success he was invited to mentor the company’s North American subsidiaries in the application and implementation of TOC and Critical Chain project management (CCPM) to their global operations.

In 2001 Daniel joined Goldratt UK as consultant. Over a two-year period he gained considerable expertise applying Dr Goldratt’s principles into sustained breakthrough levels of performance across many industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services and healthcare.

Daniel has been working with QFI since 2002 and has developed and implemented innovative breakthrough solutions for governmental departments and leading blue chip corporations. Daniel played a key role in developing TOC based solutions for a number of NHS Trusts which have resulted in dramatic reductions in waiting times and length of hospital stay, and exceeding national targets without increasing resources. 

In 2003, Daniel founded and was managing partner of Levee LLP, a leading results-based consultancy, and was responsible for implementing one of the largest CCPM applications for a leading pharmaceutical organisation. In 2006, Daniel became a partner in Goldratt UK, and is a guest speaker on ToC and CCPM at the London Business School for Executive MBA students. 

In 2009 Daniel sold his interest in Levee LLP to focus on start-ups using his experience, knowledge and funding. Daniel now has three successful start-up businesses under his belt.