Colin Yates

Principal Technical Engineer, BSc (Hons)

Colin is the principal technical engineer within QFI. He is responsible for translating our Theory of Constraints (TOC) solutions into elegant and trustworthy web-based software applications that improve flow through a client system and support the delivery of sustainable breakthroughs in performance. It is Colin’s goal that the QFI software is a delight to build, maintain and use through the use of best practice engineering and user interface design process.

Most recently Colin has been responsible for the delivery of:  

Colin has also been responsible for the delivery of:

Colin holds a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering and has been engineering software systems for over twenty years. He is experienced in all areas of the software development life cycle and has held a range of roles including developer, technical architect, consultant, trainer and team leader. Colin has worked with a large number of different technologies but is primarily focused on JVM languages. Colin is a published author, technical reviewer and regularly contributes to forums and blogs.