Andy Watt


Andy Watt has been an associate within QFI for more than twelve years delivering Theory of Constraints (TOC) solutions in operations, projects, distribution and sales.

During his consulting career Andy has worked alongside a vast number of organisations implementing TOC and achieving significantly better performance. This includes significant involvement in the service, banking and finance, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and defense sectors in the UK, Europe and US. Andy is TOCICO certified in TOC Fundamentals and is a certified implementer in the Thinking Processes, project management and supply chain.

Andy has successfully managed Goldratt UK for more than fifteen years to support its clients achieve better results, faster. He worked extensively with Dr Goldratt during the development and refinement of these principles. Andy is passionate about achieving sustainable results by creating the knowledge and self-sufficiency within his clients’ people. 

Andy is on the board of a software company and a manufacturing business and actively participates in the day-to-day management of both.