Amit Hooda

Project Manager, BEngg, MBA

Amit is a project manager within QFI. He joined QFI after completing his MBA from University of Leeds. Prior to this Amit worked as an IT consultant for four years with a variety of clients in the IT, telecommunications and retail industries. Amit has also worked as a business change consultant within the health and social care sector. His work is focused on carrying out TOC-based cause-and-effect analysis of client systems and industries, and implementing TOC applications in client organisations. 

Amit's recent work includes TOC analysis of a specific element of the food industry and coaching and supporting clients in the implementation of the QFI Pride and Joy approach in healthcare organisations such as Birmingham Community Services, Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services, Nottingham Health Partnerships, and Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust. His responsibilities include teaching and coaching client staff in the TOC principles and ensuring the implementations correctly follow the TOC strategy and tactics implementation map to support the organisation in achieving a breakthrough in performance.  


Since joining QFI over three years ago, Amit has followed an extensive QFI on-the-job and off-the-job training programme in the Theory of Constraints applications of project management, operations, supply chain and sales. In addition he has undertaken extensive training in the TOC Thinking Processes, the scientific approach and cause-and-effect analysis. Amit is focused on developing his expertise in TOC: both in the generic TOC applications, the QFI TOC applications and the TOC Thinking Processes. His special interest is in change management and applying his TOC expertise in different industries and sectors.