Alex Knight

Founding Partner, BSc, MBA, CEng

Alex is a founding partner of QFI and inventor of Theory of Constraints-based solutions. For nearly three decades he has been working around the world alongside many great leaders in healthcare, social care, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. His consulting, speaking, lecturing and coaching work has shown him, first-hand, the joys and struggles people face in their endeavours to improve their services and businesses. 

For the last fifteen years, Alex has been building, testing and verifying a Theory of Constraints solution for healthcare. The solution has been tested in acute, community and mental health settings, in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA and Australia. On completion of the solution, Alex and the team have focused their attention on building the education, implementation and software elements to ensure the solution's robustness, sustainability and scalability. 


Alex started his career in manufacturing, working in aerospace and high-tech industries where he became a chartered engineer. He joined Ashridge Business School and within five years was appointed Managing Director of Ashridge Consulting Ltd and to the main Board of the business school. Over his career at Ashridge Alex lectured and consulted at Board-level to many organisations before taking up the post of Chief Executive of Goldratt Consulting (whose chairman was Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt) where he steered it through its formative years as a global organisation. 

Alex is probably best known for his skill in analysing industries, markets and businesses in a way that brings new insight, solutions and opportunities for growth. This is supported by his experience of leading and supporting leaders through periods of major organisational transition. His approach is based on the belief that no matter how complex a situation initially looks, there are only a few elements that have the power to affect the performance of the entire system and it is through leveraging these elements that a breakthrough in performance occurs. 

Alex was mentored for nearly three decades by Dr Goldratt, the inventor of the Theory of Constraints. 

Throughout his career Alex has explored many different change methodologies and uses only those which he believes cause positive individual and organisational change. 

Alex feels privileged to have been influenced and guided through his career by Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Philip Sadler CBE and Sir David Samworth. Alex was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by TOCICO (the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organisation) and is the current Chair of the organisation.