The QFI solution

In large and complex environments, dominated by high levels of uncertainty, there are only a few areas that have the power to affect the performance of the whole system. It is these areas that should be the focus of achieving a breakthrough in performance and a process of ongoing improvement. For the health and social care environment, QFI has developed three integrated streams of activity.

Operational Breakthroughs

Traditionally, any complex system can seem unmanageable unless it is dissected into parts. While this may seem sensible, improvement efforts in one part of the system can damage the organisation's overall performance. A true breakthrough across the whole system is only achieved by addressing the system-wide constraints. This is what QFI's operational breakthrough stream does. QFI has developed a suite of applications to support this process, known as QFI-Jonahs. Read More

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While our implementations are designed to ensure that first actions bring substantial benefits quickly, building the internal capability to continue to make step changes in performance is at the heart of the sustainability stream. This includes developing a deep understanding of the underpinning methodology, and the development of the personal skills within the clinical and management teams to achieve sustainable change.

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Revenue Generation

When a small percentage of clients costs are truly variable, and most of the remaining operating expenses are associated with delivering patient treatment, increasing revenue generation is the only viable way to meet increasing medical costs and ongoing investments. The QFI operational breakthrough stream will generate unprecedented levels of free capacity and the QFI revenue generation stream will maximise the strategic and financial return from this new capacity.

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Before contracting QFI undertakes an analysis of the health and social care system to identify the implementation sequence that will achieve the best and quickest possible improvement in performance.